When people think of college students and finance, the word that pops up in their mind is probably ‘Broke.’

The life of college students is a very fun-filled one but also confusing. Tuition fees are always significantly higher in college and universities than in schools. Such a huge leap in expense puts intense pressure on college students and their families.

Due to all this, many students in colleges around the world employ various ways to manage their expenses. Some manage their expenses by cutting down on essentials while some take up odd jobs to earn an extra penny or two.

Another factor that unites all college students in addition to being financially burdened is the constant thirst of entertainment. If you are a college student, you probably spend some or most of your free time playing games online, no?

What if you even made money while playing games? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Will Gaming Affect Your College Studies?

The natural question that pops up in anybody’s mind when they think about gaming as a side gig in college is “Will I lose focus on studies?”



If students tread on the path cautiously, then they can benefit financially as well as relieve their college stress.

To point you in the right direction, this article explores four ways by which gaming will help you earn money while you are still acing in class!

1. Live Stream Your Game Play

You know how interesting online games can get when you play them. Multiplayer games like LUDO and COD, are more interesting than others because no two games are ever the same.

In multiplayer online games, there are no levels and the difficulty of each game is set by the players joining. This makes them extremely unique and fun.

You would be surprised to know that it is not just the players playing these games who are interested in what is happening in the virtual world, but also the bystanders! That is why live streaming of online games is becoming increasingly popular.

Starting a live stream is very easy in the current times because of the fast internet and improving the quality of devices. You simply have to create an account on your preferred streaming platforms like Facebook or Instagram and get started.

If your live streams are entertaining and you have built up a good audience, you will immediately start seeing results. You can monetise your account and receive donations from people who support you and your work. You can even start subscription services for exclusive content.

2. Build A Brand

Livestreaming is a great way to earn money while playing, and it is also easy to get started. But the downside to it is that it might take longer than you imagine to see significant results.

Moreover, platforms like YouTube, which is the world’s largest video streaming platform and the second largest search engine, do not allow you to live stream until you meet certain criteria. Often, it takes a sizeable audience and followers to meet these criteria. Therefore, building a brand is a win-win situation for making quick bucks and unlocking live streaming capabilities on these platforms.

The ideal way to build your brand in the 2020s is probably through networking and social media. Social media is the best way to connect with a large audience of any age group and from any part of the world.

You simply have to create your account and start posting clips of your gameplay to get started. Then, like-minded individuals and people who are interested in the same things will be drawn to you. As you maintain consistency, your tribe will start to grow fast and people will come forward to support you in this journey.

You can earn money from your brand with the pre-roll and mid-roll advertisements on your videos, promoting other brands on your videos through collaboration or by selling your branded merchandise.

3. Tutorials & Reviews

If you are very good at a game or you like to explore various games, then making tutorials and reviews could be the way to go for you!

Think about it, you are putting so much time and effort into knowing the intricacies of various online games. How many others would have the patience or the interest to do that? So, why not share your knowledge with the world?

Take a ludo game download for example. There are several ones out there, but how can a user decide which one to get? That is when the newbies and rookies would turn to you.

By making tutorial and review videos, carousels and more, you will also build a good reputation among other people in your niche. Over time, your network would also expand with new connections.

If you are wondering how to get started, then a tip would be to start off by making simple review posts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram where you could get good organic reach and then move on to make YouTube videos.

4. Competitions & Tournaments

Taking part in gaming championships, competitions, and tournaments could be one of the easiest ways to monetise your gaming skills.

When you win gaming tournaments, not only do you receive handsome rewards and cash prizes but also attract the attention of many people, including the media. Such spotlight on you will help you put your brand, social media handles or YouTube channel in the limelight!

You can get started by searching for gaming tournaments and competitions on search engines or event booking websites and apps. You will likely have to pay a small registration fee, but it could be well worth it!


Games are a lot of fun and often act as a doorway to escape reality. They become even more fun when you are paid to play them. This is true especially for college students, because they would no longer have to depend on their parents for pocket money, or do odd jobs just to earn a few bucks.

However, it is important that you are overwhelmed and lose track.

Therefore, playing quick, short, and intellectually stimulating games like Ludo Supreme is the best way to go.

You might even get so good at what you do that you can make a career out of gaming! Who knows?

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