Breast milk for bodybuilding? Whoooha! We were taken by surprise and pride that the world is not discharging breastfeeding as a condemnable exercise. People are more aware about breastfeeding. There are various organization’s around the world who are spreading awareness about breastfeeding and running campaigns for allowing breastfeeding in public. 

Our attention was driven to the fact of bodybuilders buying breast milk from nurturing moms. Breast milk mostly consists of 87% water, 1% protein, 3% facts and likewise. It is considered ‘liquid gold’ for kids. 

Body builders from around the world are buying breast milk and using it in their protein shakes in place of water.

Bizzare? We feel the same. However, it is a good thing for the lactating women as excess production of milk with no external use leads to clogging in the ducts and swelling of breasts.

So, will you try this?

Women are earning extra income by selling their breast milk to men to help in their fitness. There are Facebook and other social media pages that sell breast milk.

“I think the idea behind drinking breast milk for muscle growth is that it’s incredibly calorie and nutrient dense, and it has some additional healthy substances,” says Brian St. Pierre, a sports dietitian with Precision Nutrition.

There is also a (docuseries) series on Netflix unwell that explores the breast milk arena.

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