As inoculation drives continue across the country for people above 18 years old, a shocking video of a nurse administering an empty dose of Covid -19 vaccine in haste is going viral.

The clip shows the nurse in question busy talking to people in the vaccination hall and taking out the disposable syringe from the wrapper and pushing it on the man’s arm. She is never seen filling the syringe from a vial of Covid-19 vaccine.

A man who went to get vaccinated in Chhapra of Bihar was injected with an empty syringe by a nurse working in haste. A video that has gone viral shows the nurse talking to others and swiftly pushing in the needle without any vaccine dose in it.

The incident took place in Chhapra city’s ward number 1 near the Bada Imambara area on June 21. The video has started doing the rounds on social media, inviting action against the errant nurse.

According to reports, the incident happened in Bihar’s Chapra district earlier this week. The incident came to light after a friend of the man saw their vaccination video later

“I took the shot on June 21. Later that day I saw a video filmed by my friend Aman Khan who had accompanied me to the vaccination camp,” Azhar, who is in his early 20s told reporters, according to a news portal.

“I was shocked to see that the nurse just tore open the plastic packaging of a disposable syringe and injected me without filling it with the vaccine,” he said.

“The information about the video has come to me. Taking cognizance of the negligence, nurse Chanda Kumari has been removed from duty with immediate effect. Also, an explanation has also been sought from her within 48 hours,” District Immunization Officer (DIO) of Saran, Dr. Ajay Kumar told a news portal.

However, the DIO also said that the nurse did not do this intentionally and it was a mistake adding the vaccination centre is huge and the staff are under a lot of pressure. According to the report, the DIO said that the man “would be called again and he would be given the first dose of the vaccine”.

The incident has raised concern about the arrangements and safety surrounding Bihar’s Covid vaccination process.

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