To get ahead of the competition, many modern aesthetic clinics are turning to clinic software. Available in a range of forms, clinic software can assist with everything from scheduling and calendar management to record-keeping and data analysis too, helping to optimize your daily workflows, improve customer relations, and manage your staff more effectively too. With this in mind, let’s take a look at three of the best clinic software tools for modern aesthetic clinics.



Designed specifically with aesthetic clinics in mind, Clinicminds software is a Dutch scaleup company that was actually co-founded by a medical adviser who was seeking an application that could help him run his clinic more efficiently. Finding no suitable options on the market, he set-up his own system in collaboration with a technology company, and Clinicminds was born. When you want to get serious about clinic software, this is definitely one of the best choices on the market, offering a huge suite of features for clinic owners and managers to enjoy.

From basic tasks like scheduling and invoicing to more complex processes like registering medical records and arranging video meetings with your patients, Clinicminds can do it all. With a simple and fully customizable electronic medical record (EMR) system, it lets you quickly and easily update patient files and set-up more optimized workflows, while also allowing your patients to make appointments and payments more conveniently too. What’s more, the whole system is available in an array of languages, including English, German, Dutch, French, and Spanish.


If you’re working on a limited budget and looking for a cheap form of clinic software that can get the job done, with a few little compromises along the way, Salonized is a terrific choice. As the name implies, this clinic software is more tailored to the salon market than aesthetic clinics, but many of its functions and features are still reasonably usable for clinics too. It’s a good entry-level option, best-suited for new clinics that don’t yet have any clients and want to improve their workflows and get a simple introduction to the potential of clinic software before upgrading to something a little more in-depth.

Salonized is very easy to use, with a simple dashboard that offers scheduling, staff management, booking widgets for easy online booking, inventory features to keep track of your stock, and a marketing suite that lets you send out emails to targeted clients and generate new leads. Since so much of this system is tailored towards salons, it lacks a little depth for up-and-running clinics looking to go to the next level, but as a starting point for clinics on a budget, it’s better than nothing and even comes with a 14-day free trial.


Last but not least, we come to Healthxchange, which can absolutely be recommended to clinics with very low budget. Why? It’s totally free to use. Freebies are always welcome, but they do of course, come with some caveats. Since this system is free, it lacks some of the features and functionality of paid alternatives. It’s an arduous system to use at times, with a distinct lack of customization options, and the Healthxchange clinic software can be a little pushy in trying to encourage you to buy products from their pharmacy. However, once you get past these little issues, Healthxchange has a lot to offer.

It’s very simple to use, allowing you to automate your medical record generation and issue forms to your clients more conveniently. It also comes with a simple diary and booking system to help users make appointments with their customers and store a digital record of each session. It’s pretty basic on the whole, but since it’s free, we can’t really argue against it, and it can be a fine option for new clinics or those that want to see what clinic software can offer before taking the plunge on a stronger package.

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