When you are choosing luxury women`s underwear, what do you usually pay attention to? Some people still believe that lingerie is something that shall not be paid a lot for. Moreover, it is something that the word “luxury” doesn’t apply to. However, underwear is that small detail that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and just the best.

All those “confident”, etc. apply in one case only: if you choose the right lingerie. Thus, don’t save on this small detail. You can, for example, buy leather lingerie set online on MarieMur.com. In this case, you can be confident that you get an expensive set of prime quality. It is worth every coin that you have spent on it.

We shall admit though that leather harness lingerie is for a specific taste. Even though it looks amazing, far not all ladies will dare to wear it. Thus, a question arises on how to select the best set that will fit you.

Sets for an Hourglass Type of Body

If you have an hourglass body type, you can consider yourself lucky. You can purchase any set that you like, and you will look and feel irresistible. Everything is to place. Special attention shall be paid to corsets. They highlight the figure and make it just stunning. Just make sure you get them on a reliable website. MarieMur.com is the right place to get high end women lingerie.

Sets for a Triangle Type of Body

If you have a triangle body type it means that your hips are wider than your shoulders. Thus, sets that accentuate the upper part are your choice. Ruffled bras, a nice bustier, or a lace negligee are the things that you just must get.

Sets for a Rectangular Type of Body

If your body type can be characterized as athletic, leather harness accessories are created for you. You can buy it either online on MarieMur.com, or in any other place. Just make sure that the site deals with top-quality women`s lingerie. It is absolutely crucial for leather harness accessories and harness lingerie in general.

Sets for a Rounded Type of Body

If your shoulders and hips are narrow and you have a rounded waist, you need something that makes your body proportionate. A satin gown is a nice choice. They are not cheap but just believe us that this is not something you shall save on. Also, check the sales department on MarieMur.com, there, you can find options with a pleasant discount.

Final Thoughts

Whatever type of lingerie you prefer, make sure it is comfortable. You might want to check seamless options or whatever you prefer. Select something that you like and that gives you confidence and comfort. Consider that for winter, you might need different lingerie than for hot summer days. Select only the size that you wear, don’t fall for ideas that it is better to choose a set in a size smaller than you usually wear.

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