Bengaluru man buys rare breed dog for Rs. 20 crore

A reproducer in Bengaluru as of late purchased a Caucasian Shepherd canine for an incredible Rs. 20 crore, Bangalore Mirror announced. The man, Satish, is the leader of Indian Canine Reproducers’ Affiliation and claims a pet hotel in Bengaluru. He purchased the canine, an uncommon variety in India, from a reproducer in Hyderabad.

The Caucasian Shepherd has been named “Cadabom Hayder”, named after Satish’s Pet hotel. Hayder, who is 1.5 years, as of late taken part in a Trivandrum Pet hotel Club occasion and another canine show, winning 32 decoration for the best canine variety, the Bangalore Mirror report says.

“Hayder is exceptionally huge in size and is very amicable. At present, he is remaining at my home which is cooled,” he told the paper.

The reproducer is known to purchase costly types of canines. In 2016, Satish turned into the first individual in Quite a while to possess two Korean mastiffs which cost him Rs. 1 crore each. He had imported the canines from China. He had gotten them in a Rolls Royce and a Reach Meanderer from the air terminal.

Portrayed as valiant, striking and kind, the Caucasian Shepherd is a watchman breed that is local to places like Georgia, Armenia Azerbaijan, Ossetia, Dagestan and portions of Russia. As indicated by the American Pet hotel Club, for a really long time, the variety was utilized to shield properties from intruders, watch domesticated animals from enormous and little hunters like wolves and coyotes, and for the majority different obligations.

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