Bengaluru couple files case against neighbors for pelting stones at stray dog

A couple have gone to the cops against alleged cruelty by their neighbours in Malleswaram to a stray dog in the area. The couple claim the neighbours started to pelt a stray dog that had recovered from Canine Distemper (CD) disease with stones as they were afraid the dog would attack them. The couple say that the dog cannot even open its mouth due to CD and yet people provoke the animal.

Anuradha and Srinivas are residents of 13th Cross Malleshwaram. Based on their complaint, the police have registered an FIR under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

The couple alleged that they too were being harassed by their neighbours for feeding the dog for which the police have taken up a non-cognisable report. Srinivas, 60, a retired MNC employee, told Bangalore Mirror that his wife and he take care of the stray dogs in their area and feed them often. 

“The issue began in August when one of the neighbours spread a rumour among the residents that the dog is harmful and attacks people. It’s a stray dog whom we have named Chip. He is three years old and has been in the area all his life. He is a CD survivor and is in no condition to attack anyone,” said Srinivas.

According to Srinivas, Chip is perfectly harmless and has not attacked anyone so far. “A lot of people in the neighbourhood provoke him and pelt him with stones and then he chases them as it is the only way to protect himself. 

They tried to relocate the dog but I informed the BBMP who came to the spot and spoke to them. They spread awareness on dogs and asked the neighbours not to harm it. Despite that, some people pelted the dog with stones and threatened to kill it.“

He said that earlier too the neighbours had fought with his wife and him for feeding and taking care of stray dogs in the area. “They would harass us often by abusing us and have also threatened us. They ask us to keep the dog inside the house and feed it. It is a stray dog which cannot be confined and due to their pressure, we even tried to keep it inside our house but it wouldn’t stay. 

They ask us to tie the dog, which we cannot do as it is not our pet and it belongs to the road. After people spread rumours about the dog, the BBMP also came and examined the animal. They told the residents that it is harmless and cannot be relocated,” he said.

Harish KB, an animal welfare officer, said that he and other volunteers too had tried to speak with the neighbours but they were hostile. “It took us over a month to get the FIR registered as the police too were not supportive,” he said.

Malleswaram police have registered a case and are investigating.

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