Goutam and Saanvi are falling in love with each other. They want to get married. But Goutam has a secret. Should he or not tell Saanvi? If he does, how will she take it?

Opaque, exposes the harrowing nature of men and women in marriage. Who are we when our secrets are exposed?

Opaque is MantraDreams latest Hindi short film on YouTube. It has a different message conveyed in a meaningful way.

This film has a well known cast such as Sruthi Hariharan, who primarily appears in Kannada feature films. She has won several awards including a special mention at the 66th National film awards for her performance in Nathicharami.

Other lead on the film, Vishal Nayer is Actor/writer/Director/Acting Trainer with a demonstrated history of working in 5 motion pictures and several short films as well as theater productions. He is a trained Actor and has been certified by MISFIT- Ratan Thakore Grant’s Studio for acting, Bangalore and with a diploma from Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares ,Mumbai. 

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