Finding love can be extremely difficult, and the stricter your criteria for the perfect partner is, the more challenging it becomes. Sometimes, by dating someone a little bit outside of your usual type you can meet someone truly special. We’ll introduce you to ten couples that may look strange at first glance, but are happy to have found each other.

There is the shortest couple in the world, who you might think would be a perfect match, except for the fact that one of them despised the other when they first met! We also have a few people who didn’t let height differences get in the way of true love, even when one man towers nearly three feet over his girlfriend.

A height difference is one thing, but we will also show you a couple with an extreme age difference. We aren’t accusing this woman of being a cougar, but she is dating someone sixty years her junior, and he’s young enough to be her grandson! Most couples will freely admit that they aren’t perfect, but we have one who insists that they are. It might seem odd to have your house covered in mirrors and self portraits, not to mentioning spending the amount they do on beauty treatments, but it seems to be working for them! It’s hard enough finding your better half as a human being, but imagine doing so as a vampire! Luckily for one couple, they claim that they are able to sense vampiric presences and that is what drew them together.

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