AIB Roast Video Is Taken Down From Youtube. Does Our Government Have Other Better Job To Do ?

Yes that’s correct, AIB Roast Video Is Taken Down From Youtube. Yeh tho hona hi tha.



  In the midst of a boiling over contention and the likelihood of a government investigation into its exclamation bound, down to business “roast” of two film stars, coordinators AIB pulled off the project the previous evening. Two complaints have been recorded in Mumbai affirming foulness. A notice was likewise issued to the National Sports Club of India (NSCI), asking whether they had looked for a censor certificate testament to stage the show. Clearly, sites that sold tickets for the show will likewise be tested. After this incident, the Bollywood celebs and people started their tweets in support of AIB.

Maharashtra government threatened Karan Johar and other celebs involved in the AIB Roast that they would not release any movies by them until they asked for an apology. Well, what is happening to the governement ? Seriously they don’t have any other vital cases which needs to be addressed in this country instead of targeting the comedy show which was done for “charity” ? AIB Roast gave gaaliya to their fellow Roasts with their concern, so why the government got offended ? No Idea boss. Here’s what celebs and people had to say on tweeter on this decision:


Maharashtra government, keep up the good work on censor which makes pure sense only to you!




news source: NDTV

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