8 Simple Things You Can Do Which Can Change Our Country

Change will happen when you say I WILL DO THIS .

We all have blamed government, people,  cops, society, media and OTHERS on one occasion or the other for all the bad which has happened. But wait ” WHAT HAVE I CONTRIBUTED TO OUR GREAT COUNTRY ? ” 

Here are Eight Simple Things You Can do without much effort or sacrifice but still can make a really big difference to the Nation.


1. Plant  At least One Tree Every Year



This women named ‘Thimmakka’ has planted an estimate of 8000 trees so far. When she can do it why can’t we plant at least one every year ?
We have a population of 1.21 billion people in the country. Imagine if at least 10 million people planted one tree every year what difference it will make over 10 years ? A 100 million trees! 

If you are planning to do this, plant them in monsoon period and preferably in schools, colleges or any place were you know that your sapling will be taken care of.


2. Use Public Transport or a Bicycle Whenever Possible

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You look more cool when you use public transport or even a bicycle rather than driving your car.

Do you know more than 40% of the people in United Kingdom use Bicycle to get to their work ? By using bicycle you don’t only contribute to the eco system but also keeping yourself fit.


3. Pay School Fees for one student at least once a year


An average amount of money spent by a person on one party is 3000 Rupees. Annual school fees for a student is less than what you spend partying. Even if 4% help one student to pay their school fees once a year, we will reach 100% literary rate.


4. Pay Your Tax ( only 2 to 3 percent of Indians pay any income tax at all )



The services like water, garbage service, police, fire protection, public schools and also people in the Army, Navy and Air Force who is protecting your country is paid by your tax. And in India Only only 2 to 3 percent of Indians pay any income tax at all. In contrast, in the U.S, about 45 percent of the population pays taxes, which means that, despite India’s much-larger population, more Americans than Indians actually pay taxes. 


5. Always ask for a bill and make others pay their tax

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When you go to a restaurant or shopping  you need to always ask for a bill.  This makes them to pay their taxes to the government.

6. Pick One Day in A Year For Blood Donation

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Blood has no discrimination of Religion, Race, Color or Sex. Pick One day in a year, it can be your birthday, mom’s or dad’s birthday or any other day of your choice and donate blood which could save one life. The majority of donated blood goes to people with cancer, as well as people who have suffered traumatic accidents, burns or those undergoing surgery.


7. If you see an accident victim on the streets, Make Your Move and Help them.

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It always take just one person to come forward to help and the rest follows. Let that one person be ‘YOU’. This Social Experiment Video is a perfect example what happens if someone is seeking help.

8. Alright, i will pay you 100 rs let me go.


Stop paying bribes. Fight against corruption needs to start from you.

Did the cop forced you to bribe ? Then file a report online on this website : ipaidabribe.com

Do you Know how much fine you should pay for your traffic offence ? Here is a full list of penalties as per the Government rules: Full List



There are many simple and great ideas which can bring changes. If you have any such ideas comment below so that others can benefit from it and follow them.


And one last thing you can do is to SHARE THIS AND ASK OTHERS TO JOIN YOU.

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