7 Tips for Successfully Deploying Field-planning Software

So you have finally made up your mind that automation is the way to manage your field services! Well, you couldn’t be more right.

Field service management or FSM solutions are field services software that take your business from struggle to seamless. It is important to choose one that is offered by a reliable & experienced IT company.

 According to an article by Reuters, global field service management market will reach approximately US $4.5 billion by 2022.

So don’t be the only one lagging behind when the whole world is changing their way of field service planning and management.

From so many products claiming to be the best in market, you have managed to invest in one based on your business requirements. This is still not all! You must find the best deployment process to take full advantage of the solution that you have trusted upon.

Below are 7 tips to successfully deploy your field-planning software:

Check for system compatibility

Is your software system compatible? If so, does it support all features that are part of your field services software? Ensure your system is upgraded to the latest you can afford in terms of storage space, processor speed and OS.

Information in Hand

Keep all important business information required for your daily activities in hand to be input in the solution during deployment. This should ensure that you can use the solution as soon as it is deployed, wasting no time in implementation.

Required Data Import

Any business would have tons of data which is crucial and needs to be migrated to any new software that would be deployed. Deployment involves data import so the new field-planning software can be implemented by your organization right away.

Field Technicians

Segregate and sort field technicians according to their skill set and input into the FSM software. Schedule field visits accordingly, without having to go back and look out for technicians who have required skills as per a field job requires.


Involve suppliers who are reliable and who always deliver your purchase orders just on time. Their information can be added to the new field services software for better management of field jobs with the concerned inventory.

Access Permissions

Decide which employees you want to give access permissions to use the field services software solution. Trust worthy employees will make your business secure and the workflow seamless with the help of field-planning software.

Initial Setup and Usage

Ensure that your provider offers you the initial setup without overcharging you. It should be included as part of the field-planning software. End of the setup, you should be able to start using the software with no hassles.

FieldPLANR is a reliable, cloud-based field service management software that can be customized for any field service providing business. Clients include pest control management business, cleaning service management business, electrical services management and many more.

A cloud solution can be accessed from anywhere and thus, makes your business portable! It is also easier to deploy. Remember these points before you deploy field-planning software for your business!

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