What if you find yourself stuck in a shop with a gigantic creature? Won’t it scare you to death or maybe you will think that you have entered a Hollywood movie.

In the unbelievable video, the huge reptile was seen scrambling up a set of shelves inside the store, knocking down a number of items in the process. Horrified customers were heard screaming and laughing in the background as the giant lizard made its ascent to the top. After reaching the top, it stopped for a rest even as onlookers continued to film the unusual sight.

In the video, this giant creature, which weighs around 80-90 kg with a length of approximately 2.6 m,can be seen crawling on the shelves, scattering the items all over the place.

This huge reptile is called a monitor lizard and is commonly found in Thailand. Such lizards are native to Africa and Asia.

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