Seeing stand-up comedy is a fantastic way to end your week. You can laugh, socialise and just have a great time after working hard and getting through your to-do list. But, you may not be sure of a comedian to go and see. After all, you want to have a good time and ensure they have the same humour as you.

Are you thinking about going to a Sara Barron show but are not sure if this is your type of comedy? Of course, we all know that comedy is subjective and this means that some people will love a performer while others will not. 

So, it is a good idea to do your research and learn more about a comedian before going to their show. This way, you can have a fantastic time and bring friends. Here are five things you should know about Sara Barron.

An American in the UK

Often, people say that your nationality can influence your sense of humour. Indeed, many believe your nationality can also play a part in how you perform as a comedian. Well, Sara Barron is from the United States. Of course, she has an American accent, but this might also be why she is blunt and more direct that people in the UK. You can learn more about Sara Barron at Comedy Carnival. She was born in Chicago and has since moved to the UK to continue her comedy career.

Found Fame Over the Pond

Interestingly, it was not until Sara Barron came to the UK that she found fame in comedy. In fact, she has been nominated for many awards, which is something you want to hear when you are trying to choose a comedian to go and see.

For example, Sara Barron was nominated for an Edinburgh Comedy Award, as well as a Chortle Award. This shows that a lot of people like her comedy shows and appreciate what she brings to the comedy scene.

Compared to Joan Rivers

If you asked some people after they had been to a Sara Barron show whom she reminded them of, they are likely to say Joan Rivers. Of course, she was famous in the comedy world and loved for her boldness and the jokes she told. Indeed, she was so confident and really affirmed that women had a place in comedy.

Well, this is what you can enjoy with Sara Barron. Indeed, she is not afraid to say anything and her comedy is known for being blunt and honest. This is something many people love and brashness is one word to describe what you are going to get.

Fun Storytelling

If you are somebody that likes to visit comedy clubs and see new shows all the time, you are going to be aware of the number of comedy styles there are. Everyone is unique but likes to follow a particular style with their shows. For example, storytelling is popular and it can be fun to listen to a comedian talk about events in their lives.

Well, this is what you are going to get with Sara Barron. She loves storytelling and the crowd loves her for it too. In particular, she is known for being very honest and sometimes, this can be shocking. So, know that you are going to be in for a ride when it comes to her storytelling.

Expect Blunt Honesty

We have touched on the fact that Sara Barron is known to be very honest. Well, sometimes, this can be described as blunt honesty. She is not afraid to tackle most subjects and this can mean shocking the honest. If this is your type of humour, you are going to love her shows.

But, if you are someone that can be offended by certain topics and may be sensitive, this is perhaps not the comedy for you. Sometimes, it can be refreshing to see a comedian that is not afraid of what they say. However, if this is not for you, another show might be better.

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