So you bought a new DSLR camera, and now you are ready to take on the world? A new DSLR camera does give us a lot of enthusiasm to take as many photographs as we can, but just buying a DSLR camera is not enough. You need to have the proper camera accessories, or you shall be left wanting in times of need. So, below is a list of five such camera accessories that you must have.

  • If you have recently bought a DSLR Camera online, the first of the camera accessories on this list is the vital camera bag. People tend to overlook the need for camera bags if they have one DSLR camera with a single lens. However, even for such users, a camera bag is invaluable. Camera bags protect the gear from bad weather, dust, dirt, falls, impact, and more. There is also another benefit of adding a camera bag to your list of camera accessories. They provide space and room for photographers to store their equipment safely as and when they expand the collection. It is a vital accessory to have, and you should invest in getting a good camera bag. One that not only protects your current camera equipment but also provides enough space to store your upgrades.
  • Among the vital camera accessories, a tripod is always right up there on the top. It is considered a staple accessory for all photographers irrespective of the genre they work. These include product photographers, fashion photographers, landscape and nature photographers, sports photographers, event photographers, and wildlife photographers. The stability a tripod offers to the images captured helps them remain sharp and focused. When buying a tripod, you should look for those that can shoot from as close to ground level as possible to full high length. The locks are also critical. Clip locks help in the quick setup of the tripod, whereas twist locks take less space.
  • Lenses are often overlooked by beginners, and they think that the 18-55mm lens or the 24-105mm lens that came with the DSLR camera body are enough. However, lenses are among those camera accessories that you cannot have enough of. At one point, you would start wondering how many lenses would be enough! There are so many form factors of camera bodies that you can choose from, like Micro Four Thirds, APS-C, Full Frame, and more. You will realize that wide-angle lenses make your landscape shots stand apart, and super-telephoto zoom lenses help you take wildlife shots.
  • As you gain experience with your photography, you will soon realize the need for more camera accessories like neutral density (ND) filters and graduated neutral density (ND grad) filters, and circular polarising (CP) filters. These filters fit either on front of your lenses or in lenses with huge front elements they drop in at the back. These filters help you in many ways, like taking long-exposure images in daylight to create a motion effect in moving objects, taking better lit landscapes, and reducing reflections off shiny surfaces. 
  • The last in this list of camera accessories are good lens and sensor cleaners. A kit would typically consist of a soft brush and a blower to remove loose dust, a soft microfiber cloth to wipe lenses, a cleaning liquid to get rid of sticky stains, and some tissue wipes. These help in keeping the sensor of your DSLR camera and its lenses clean.

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