15 Unknown and Unbelievable Facts About American NBA


The NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues on the planet, with millions tuning in from around the world to watch the best basketball players on the planet face off. Basketball fans love the big personalities of the players, the unique skills they display, and of course, the wide-ranging popularity of NBA betting sites. The league has existed for decades, and in that time, there have been many changes and shifts. Records are constantly being set and broken in the NBA. Let’s look at 15 of the most intriguing facts and records about the league.

Kobe is the Oldest Player to Score 60+ Points.

Kobe Bryan is a legend of the game, someone that came into the league straight from high school and carved out a unique legacy. He capped off his legendary career by setting a record in his final game, scoring 60 points at age 37.

Steph is the All-Time Leading 3-Point Shooter.

Stephen Curry is widely regarded as the greatest shooter of all time, and he lives up to that by having the record for most made 3-pointers in NBA history, with 3,117 makes. He’s still going strong too.

Four Quadruple Doubles in NBA History

One of the rarest statistical feats in NBA history is a quadruple-double. Over the course of the league’s long history, there have only been four. The last was in 1994 by David Robinson, who had 34 points, ten rebounds, ten assists, and ten blocks.

Phoenix Suns Had Matching Dominance Home and Away This Year

The Suns dominated the NBA this year en route to the league’s best regular-season record. What was truly unique about this team is that they compiled a matching record at home and away, both of which were the league’s best. They went 32-9 at home and on the road.

Oliver Miller Was the Heaviest Player Ever

There have been a lot of big people to step into the NBA. However, none have weighed the amount that Oliver Miller did. At his heaviest, Oliver Miller weighed a whopping 375 pounds. This made him the heaviest person to step on an NBA court.

Spud Webb Was the Lightest Player Ever

On the other end of the spectrum was Spud Webb. This diminutive guard stood 5’6 and weighed only 133 pounds. This was the lowest weight for any player in the league. Shockingly, Webb still managed to be a slam dunk champion.

Muggsy Bogues is the Shortest NBA Player Ever

Muggsy Bogues is the smallest NBA player ever. The Hornets guard was a great playmaker but a very short person, standing only 5’3 inches. This makes him unique in NBA history.

Manute Bol Stood 7 foot 7 but Weighed Only 200 Pounds.

One of the strangest athletes to grace an NBA court was Manute Bol. He was a towering figure at 7’7, but somehow only weighed 200 pounds. He had a giant but slender frame and a unique game as a shot-blocking shooter.

Elmore Smith Holds the Record for Blocks in a Game with 17

Blocking NBA players is no easy task, which is why it is a rarity for a player to even reach ten blocks in a game. However, Elmore Smith set the record with 17 blocks in a single game in 1973.

LeBron is One of 7 Players to Win Scoring and Assist Crown

LeBron is a uniquely talented player in NBA history. He controls the offense with great playmaking and passing but also is a dominant scorer when he wants to be. That’s why he’s one of 7 players ever to lead the league in scoring and assists in their career.

Scott Skiles Once Had 30 Assists in a Game

Scott Skiles owns a major NBA record by throwing 30 assists in an NBA game. This is a dominant performance that may never be matched, as it is incredibly rare for a player to dish 20 assists even. 

The Phoenix Suns Once Scored 107 Points in a Half

When a team is scorching hot, it can be scary for their opponents. This was certainly the case when the Phoenix Suns got going in the 1990-91 season. The team managed to combine for 107 points in a half, the NBA record.

Jose Calderon’s 98.1% Free Throw Shooting

Jose Calderon was a solid NBA point guard that was a great passer and shooter. He set one NBA record in his career, and it may never be broken. Calderon hit 98.1% of his free throws in the 2008-9 NBA season, missing 3 of 151 attempts in the process.

Jazz’ 36 Point Comeback

The greatest comeback in the history of the sport came when the Utah Jazz surged back from down 36 points to the Denver Nuggets in the 1996 season. Led by Malone and Stockton, they came all the way back to win by 4.

1971-72 Lakers’ 33-Game Winning Streak

The longest-running winning streak in the history of the NBA is when the Lakers ran over the NBA to the tune of 33 straight victories. The Lakers were led by Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West and dominated the league before winning the NBA championship.

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