15 Psychological Facts About Love And Relationships That’ll Blow Your Mind

The psychological face of love is incredible, mind-bending, a roller coaster of emotions, behaviors and biological processes. We all experience love but it is something we don’t understand completely. It is a box of curiosity, every time you find something different in that box.

Here are 15 psychological facts about love & relationships that’ll amaze you and avowedly blow your mind!

  1. Most of the women are attracted to the men who have a strong sense of humor as it signifies honesty and intellect and at the same time purity of the heart.



  1. If you’re gonna hold hands with your loved one, it will help you to alleviate pain and stress and it will also eliminate your hidden fear.


  1. When a beautiful couple gazes into each others’ eyes, their heart rates also start synchronizing as well.


  1. It is also heard that cuddling triggers the same quantity of neurological responses as painkillers.


  1. After near about 34 minutes of conversation, the woman can read the mind of her next one. And very easily the woman actually knows if there is any possibility of having a long-term relationship with the man or not.


  1. If you’re gonna look into a strangers’ eyes, surprisingly you may fall in love. Eyes are the doors of love.


  1. As an outcome of cortisone chemical in our body, we have a tendency to act inappropriately and illogically when falling for one. We become impulsive.

  1. Another thing is the men who cheat on their partners will definitely have lower IQs.


  1. The men who are deprived of having a sound sleep most likely to assume that the women want to have sex with them.


  1. Also, it can be seen that the early 20s men often feel a huge emotional pain after a break up more than that of women.


11. And most of the people prefer symmetrical faces in their lovers because it’s unintentionally believed that those people have better genetics.


12. You must have heard about love at first sight. Strangely it takes merely 2-4 minutes to fall in love.


13. It is the women’s tears that have been biologically proven to diminish the levels of testosterone and arousal in men.


14. When men get attracted to someone, they can suck-in their gut, they even start flexing their muscles that make them prominently and visually taller and stronger.


  1. Even it is seen that when an individual is dumped, it often results in an attraction that grows from frustration. This fascination makes the dumped one more committed. And this makes the dumped one love and lust the other one even more.


Love is both chemistry and compromises. It is true that every soul would feel the warmth of love. Love is universal but these facts may not. These facts true in some respect, they may also seem earthbound.

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