Cheating in exams is pretty common throughout the world. However, there have been several cases where students have used really intricate and often weird ways to cheat and pass their exams. Take a look at 10 such cases.


Number 10. Not bathing due to superstition:

It is a common practice in South Korea to not take a bath on the morning of an exam. This strange habit comes from a superstition in the country’s culture that says if one washes their hair before an exam, they tend to lose all the knowledge they have acquired out of their brain.

While this may seem rather funny to others, several South Korean students are known to follow this habit very staunchly from years. So even though this superstition might be odd, schools in South Korea certainly must be pretty smelly on the day of exams. Also, there would hardly be any cheating as students must be sitting far apart from each other!

Number 9. Using body doubles:

In 2011, an extensive cheating scandal was uncovered in Long Island, USA. One adult and six minors were arrested when it came to light that some adult students were taking the SATs for younger students.
The arrested adult was said to be charging $2500 for taking the SAT for the younger students.

The said adult had been performing this cheating scandal since 2009 and had been using multiple fake IDs to get into different examination centers.

Number 8. Taping notecard on the back of a student:

A student once taped a notecard to the back of his classmate sitting in front of him during an exam. The teacher could not make out anything from his desk upfront and whenever he would get up from his desk, the student would pull down his classmate’s hoodie to cover the notecard.Not just the student who pasted it, but the entire row of students behind the guy with the notecard benefited from this and cheated the answers to pass their exam. Once done, someone would stealthily peel off the notecard to dispose of the evidence.
Incidentally, the student who allowed the notecard to be taped on his back never got the opportunity to cheat as the answers were on his back.

Number 7. Using Ultraviolet pens:

Several students in the West have been employing this technique to cheat during exams of late. Relatively cheap and apparently very easily available, students have been buying Ultraviolet pens and write their answers down on their arms, pants and water bottles with it. Since the writing from the UV pens are invisible in normal light, it is impossible for the teachers to catch students when they enter the exam halls with their notes written on different parts.
When exam begins the students shine the UV light to the area where they have written the answers by their UV pens and thus smoothly cheat and pass their exams.

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