10 Things Muslim Women Had To Go Through After Triple Talaq

Life of an Indian women is no less than a puppet whose strings are in the hands of the society. There is a no single day left when we don’t come across some news like harassment, rapes, female infanticide, dowry system and much more. Apart from all these, the men of the Indian society are still not satisfied from making the life of a woman full of struggles.

Yes! We are talking about the “Triple Talaq” case which has spread-ed like a fire in the entire nation. Triple Talaq is a big question on the married life of all the Muslim women. Uttering just three words of talaq can end up all those years of your marital alliance. This is exactly what the Indian Muslim women goes through. There are many cases heard in India about the Triple Talaq but yet no serious action has been taken against those men who thinks women are worth respect.

So to let you know more about the issues which are being faced by the Indian Muslim women due to Triple Talaq, We bring you 10 things they have to go through everyday.

10.The family tantrums


Relatives be like “you might have only done something”. Did you took care of the family well? Did you not satisfy your man in the bed? Where you rude to your in laws? Did you not clean the house properly.
Surprisingly yes! These are the frequently asked questions of a divorced women. The own parents considers their daughter as a burden.

9.Future of the kids


Many men refuse to financially support their children. And it becomes difficult for those mothers to earn their living who are not working. Many suicide cases has also been noticed in the past few years as they have no hopes left.

8.Emotional stress

Women have to undergo a lot of emotional breakdown after a sudden end of their marital life.Do actually deserve it?Not really. All they deserve is a happy life after they get married. Triple Talaq case has lost hopes of the Indian Muslim women to have happy years of married life forever. Emotional stress can also lead to health issues such as anxiety and depression.

7.Status of a single woman


In Indian society, single mothers are considered as worthless. People think the life of the women ends if the marital alliance breakdowns. It’s like you have to be in white dress, no makeup. And just a life left worth living.



The best part is society humiliates the divorced women. Hundred of rumors can be heard which are actually worthless. They choose to avoid her treating like an outcast.In Fact some of the housing societies does not allow the divorced women to come to their place as it might be due to financial reasons or some kind of negativity.
Sounds disgusting! Doesn’t it?

5.Remarriage problems


Most of the people considers a desire of a new partner inappropriate after a Triple Talaq. Certainly no one can stop them from finding another partner, but it’s compelling to see the mentality of people and what they think is unacceptable.

4.Backbiting at workplace,”this woman has gone through Triple Talaq”


Yes! Apart from all the major issues faced by the woman, this is one of them. People discriminate the divorced mothers in the places they work. Instead of sharing the pain they force them to quit the job by creating a hostile work environment. And the best part is they start judging the character of a divorced woman and start gossiping without knowing the reason behind it.

3.Sexual harassment


As far as sexual harassment cases are concerned the men of Indian society often thinks that a divorced woman is open for all. Is it? Not really! They themselves assume that after going through an emotional breakdown they would agree to their physical needs. Interesting assumptions I must say!



The divorced single women who don’t have children may crave motherhood. In India, to avail artificial insemination or adoption are allowed. However society will leave a no moment to conclude that it’s child of wedlock and would make the life for both mother and child a living hell.



After Triple Talaq and getting separated from their partner, women feels lonely and left as there is no on to take care of. They have a strong mental state but more likely they are sad and depressed from within. They even don’t have an active social life which makes life a burden.

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