The ghost and spirits are one of the most debatable topics yet people talk a lot about them. Some people are too scared while others don’t believe if they exist for real or not. 

But many incidents and news has been reported from time to time about the supernatural residents of our world. 

There are so many people who communicate with spirits and share their experiences. Most of the time, college students and young people, with their highly curious mind try to communicate with spirits. Some of them do it for their curiosity while others do it for fun. 

The ghost and spirits are not a joke. Just for a disclaimer: It can be fatal. No one should do it just to have fun.

Let’s take a look at things we should avoid while communicating. 

Protection comes first

Never avoid self-protection. Make sure that you pray to God. Ask for help to conduct this smoothly. Ask help from all the angels you have read about in the holy books and use emf reader .

There should be an arrangement of white light. For, if something goes wrong, you could go under that light. It is believed that no negativity can enter the white light zonw. When you are done with the process, do a closing prayer. Thank god for keeping you safe.

Don’t forget to clear and ground yourself.

positive energy


These things happen in a closed place. Thus, avoid doing it in an open space. Make sure you sit on the ground while calling the spirits to communicate. Before starting this process, clear the room carefully to make sure no negativity stays.

Visualize that room is filled with white light and positive energy and you have taken out all of your negative energy.

No wrong intentions



Never call a spirit if you think:

  • it is cool to scared the people, 
  • to brag about how daring are you or 
  • you have a fascination with dead people. 

All of them are wrong intentions and you should avoid them because it may attract malicious spirits who may harm you. 

It is really important to clear out your intention through prayers. You must communicate what exactly do you seek.

Drugs or alcohol can be dangerous.

Alcohol is dangerous


These things are the gateway to the spirit world. If anyone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you are inviting all kinds of energy. It may attract bad spirits, and they can be so dangerous that you can’t even imagine. Also, being intoxicated can be hallucinating. Would you want to imagine something that didn’t happen? 

If you don’t have mental peace, don’t do it.

case of spirits


In the case of spirits, similar attracts. If your mood is off, you are not happy, do not call the spirits because if you have negative energy, it will invite negative things.

Your circle should be positive too.

people while communicating with spirits


Never have negative people while communicating with spirits. If people in your group have any sort of negative energy, it will also do the exact same thing. It will attract malicious spirits and after that, you can’t even imagine what next gonna happen. Scary? Ask your friends who are scared already out of the process. Also, this is for their own good.

If you exhausted, you should drop the idea.

If you are physically tired and not well, you should avoid it. When you are tired, there is less chance to have a full concentration due to which you may misread or misinterpret the message. We are vulnerable when are tired. 

You must be fearless.

Confidence and energy


You are not fit to communicate with spirits if you fear them. If you are curious but also afraid of them, you should avoid it.

You can talk to the people who have done this and discuss things to gain more confidence and energy. 

Curiosity is good but proves injurious sometimes.

Avoid spirits who try to control you.

Avoid spirits who try to control you


Good spirits always work for your betterment and never instruct you to do anything negative. Whereas bad spirits tell you what to do or force you to do things according to them. They also try to control you. 

These are the sign that what kind of spirits you are dealing with. Avoid such spirits and never ever contact them again. Protect yourself from such entities.

Work with high-level entities

Work with high-level entities


You should always call the angel spirits and work with them. Only. You should not work with earthbound spirits. Earthbound spirits are dead human. 

They may know fewer things you know or may have different desires. The best way to recognize them is the vibration rate. Good spirits vibrate at a high-level while malicious spirits vibrate at a low level.

PS: All the information produced is put forth after an extensive research by our team. We do not support any such activities. It is at your own risk, if you try. Scared? Read this just for fun.

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