10 People Who Were Caught Distracted On The Job

Most of us are guilty of not being 100% invested in our work 100% of the time. We may occasionally let our gaze linger out the window, or check our Facebook page during a bathroom break, but generally we try to be good employees.

And thankfully, nobody is any the wiser to our small time transgressions. However, the people you’ll see in this video weren’t so lucky. These people were caught being distracted from their jobs, and some were forced to face consequences for their actions, or their inactions as the case may be. Did you catch this year’s Oscars when Warren Beatty announced the wrong film for the Best Picture category? Maybe if accountant Brian Cullinan wasn’t so infatuated with Emma Stone, he would have handed him the right envelope. We also caught a couple of female reporters behaving badly.

One who seemed to be trying to give some body to her news story by staring at the body of award-winning bodybuilder, Flex. Another reported failed to deliver a story because something was bugging her during the broadcast.

A couple people were caught driving while distracted, and one was doing a bit more than sending a quick text at a red light. When Pokemon Go was at its peak, employers were for some reason unsupportive of their employees pursuing their pokemon dreams on the clock. Actress Patricia Martinez made an amazing dive on television, but the cameraman was seemingly too distracted by her swimsuit to film properly.

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