Los Angeles, July 27 Actor Zachary Levi suffered a “full-on mental breakdown” in 2017 after years of battling with depression and anxiety but he credits his sessions with a therapist for helping him turn a corner by learning to understand why he “ended up being who (he) was”.

He told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “My whole life I’ve been struggling with clinical depression at various times, struggling with anxiety probably my entire life. I had this total breakdown and went through this life-changing, life-saving thing called therapy. I figured out what I was going through and how I got there and why I ended up being who I was. (I got) all the help I needed to get.”

The 41-year-old star thinks the world would be a better place if more people underwent therapy, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

He said: “I think there are so many problems in the world, but if you trace all those problems back to the root, it’s somebody’s broken heart or broken mind.”

“Every bad thing that goes on in this world, ultimately, I think we can correct out those courses. If we just go heal people, heal their minds, heal their hearts, and start trying to figure out how to truly love themselves and us then figuring out how to love other people.”

Footage from the new ‘Shazam’ film debuted at Comic-Con over the weekend and Zachary admitted he is “very grateful” to have a supportive fan base there.

He said: “I’m just very grateful that I have a career that I have dreamt of having my whole life. I’ve been coming to Comic-Con for a long time and built a really lovely connection to this fan base down here. It feels like a lot of hard work has paid off to be able to just go and stand there on stage and tell everybody that you love ’em and appreciate them. It’s dope. It’s the coolest.”

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