If any of the below are true with your date, then definitely you are not dating man, but a boy. Have fun reading through it.


1. Do You Feel Like His Mom

p1 men


In the event that you are continually letting him know what to do, he’s a kid not a man


2. No Ambition No Focus

Man - Boy - Date2

Guys sometime tend to lack focus, but if your boyfriend doesn’t have a real plan, he’s a child.


3. Always Broke

Man - Boy - Date 3


A boy has no idea how to manage his money and blows it all before Monday even arrives


4. Jealous And Possessive

Man -Boy - Date 4


Boys are jealous about their toys not men.


5. Messy



Doesn’t know how to keep his room, bag, books (if any) and his body clean.


6. Shouts Personal Insults During An Argument

Man Boy - Date 6


Keeps shouting and lets out swear words constantly


7. Can’t Hold Onto A Job


He is still probably a boy still figuring out his career path.


8. Temper Runs High

Man Boy - Date 8


Throws Temper tantrum, do get this things done his way.


9. Flirts 24/7


A guy who goes out of his way to get female attention is still a boy.


10. Having Condom Troubles

Man Boy - Date 9


Men come equipped with condoms, boys rely on you to take care of it.


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