When Dhruv was stunned by dad Vikram’s hard work

When Dhruv was stunned by dad Vikram's hard work

Chennai, Aug 26  Actor Dhruv, who is the son of one of Indian cinema’s finest actors, Vikram, has disclosed how he was stunned by his dad’s hard work.

Participating in the trailer launch event of Chiyaan Vikram’s eagerly awaited action thriller ‘Cobra’, Dhruv said: “I would have come to this event even if I wasn’t an actor. Three years ago, when dad began work on ‘Cobra’, I asked him what would be special about this film? He replied: “Ajay (director Ajay Gnanamuthu) anna’s vision, creativity and his progressive nature. All of these will make this film special. So, this film is as much about director Ajay Gnanamuthu as it is about appa. I am sure this film will be a big success because of director Ajay’s attitude that he has to execute his vision.”

When Dhruv was stunned by dad Vikram’s hard work

Pointing out that his dad was an exceptionally hardworking actor, Dhruv then shared an incident that had happened on the sets of ‘Mahaan’, a film in which he and his dad had worked together.

“You all know my dad is a hard-working person. When working in ‘Mahaan’ I noticed something significant. We were shooting an intense scene and it was a demanding exercise. I became dead tired after shooting it. But my dad continued to work even after shooting the scene. He was seen doing several things. I asked my dad, ‘I don’t have the energy to work after such a demanding scene. How is it that you have so much energy to do these things even after such a taxing scene?’ He replied: ‘It is maybe because I have struggled so much for this profession, for this space, I don’t find anything difficult.’ I realised that he was something special.”

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