These bikers are being human in the best possible way — by giving a helpful hand to anyone who needs it. Most of the times little actions of a person can prove to be of valuable importance for a total stranger. This action does not have to be a grand act of kindness or orchestrated beforehand.

It can literally be any humble gesture of humble attitude towards the inhabitants of this world. Be it fellow human beings, animals or the whole society in general. These little acts can help us regain the lost sense of humanity, compassion, kindness and warm heartedness that we have lost to time

With the advent of material based society, we have ceased to stop as an empathetic community rather we have centralized ourselves to our own benefits. This has to stop and this can stop by keeping a lookout for any such opportunity when we are out there on our own. To prove this point, here is a documentary of how everyday bikers have started to tend towards fellow inhabitants of this planet and how their little and although seemingly insignificant actions have changes, reshaped, brightened up the lives of others.

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