New Delhi, Aug 25 ‘Pandya Store’ actor Kinshuk Mahajan recalls how his co-actor Shiny Doshi misunderstood him and thought that he has got a lot of ‘attitude’.

He shares: “I knew Shiny before the show also so I was working out in a gym, Shiny waved at me and I was not wearing my power glasses so I didn’t look at her. She thought I had a lot of attitude. When we started shooting I told her it was not intentional and then our bond on and off screen turned out to be really great. Now, we are very good friends.”

Mahajan has all the reasons to cheer up and celebrate after his show successfully completed 500 episodes and his character of Gautam Pandya being appreciated by the audience.

Reminiscing about the first day of his shoot, he shares with IANS: “When I auditioned for Gautam, it was very difficult for me to visualise myself as Gautam but the trust the producer and the casting team showed on me, really helped me to portray this role.”

“I remember when I started shooting, the first scene of the show was Shiny(Doshi) and me praying in the Somnath temple. Normally shooting is not allowed at the temple but luckily we got permission. So, the show started with a lot of positivity and I believe it’s Somnath’s blessings for me and the show to do good.”

Furthermore, he says what made the audience connect with the show is its story that revolves around a joint family and there is no negative character in the show like often are seen in many daily soaps.

“In India, in metros, also, we have seen a lot of joint families and how they live together as a one team and our show brings out that. It shows the value held by a joint family in our society. And I’ve not even seen a character who is grey in the show and everyone is positive, this really makes it different from other serials.”

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