6 Healthy Aldi Finds Coming to Stores in October

Brew Dr. Organic Kombucha

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These fizzy probiotic teas are a great find for those who want to get into gut-healthy beverages or already love the taste of this fermented beverage

Emporium Selection Halloween Cheese Assortment

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If there's one thing we can always count on Aldi for, it's a pun-laden assortment of holiday-themed cheeses

Specially Selected Fall Flatbreads

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Mama Cozzi's grab-and-go pizzas get a lot of the attention at Aldi, but these frozen flatbreads might just win us over come October.

Priano Shelf-Stable Gnocchi

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Keeping dried pasta on hand is a great way to keep your pantry ready for last-minute weeknight meals, and gnocchi is a fun way to shake up your routine

Stonewall Salt Grinder

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While you're picking up pasta, you might as well grab something to season it with.

Barissimo Seasonal Ground Coffee

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Java-guzzling Aldi shoppers might be the biggest winners this fall.