College students often wonder what they can do to hand in all the assignments punctually and still have some spare time for activities they enjoy more. Time management is a lifesaving skill not only during college years but the whole life full of activities, challenges, and deadlines.

The statistical estimate on procrastination among students is about 90% indicates the poor level of organizational skills. Moreover, the research devoted to time managing skills that was conducted by Greenfield Online showed that more than 50% of students in the USA admit that school didn’t prepare them for the strict organizational requirements of higher education institutions and they would have better grades if they had stronger time management skills. If this issue sounds familiar to you, read on for a quick overview of the actions that you may undertake to learn how to schedule your learning time.  

1. Fret Not to Ask for Help

For the sake of confidence or lack of information, students often carry an enormous workload full of essays, papers, and other time-consuming assignments on their own. Little do they know that there is nothing wrong with asking for help with home tasks from a trustworthy fast essay writing service. A professional writer will tinker with your essay or paper while you can squeeze some extra time to accomplish other tasks. By relying on trusted online services like, you can get your last minute essay even if you have a crushing deadline. The best thing is to request help from reliable service, which provides experienced writers who know how to do their job. 

If the rule ‘don’t give the hungry man fish, teach him to fish’ is about you, then apart from using writing services, you can find a tutor who will help you to sharpen up your blunt sides. It’s not that cheap as a one-time help, but it also works great both if you want to learn to write essays or solve math equations.

2. Stay Organized With Technologies

This strategy is good for those who got disappointed in using planners that require having a pen/pencil and extra space in your backpack. Smart apps can help you to optimize your schedule, send push notifications about coming due dates, and a lot of other important things that you don’t want to forget.

The apps like Tappsk: To Do Lists & Planner will replace calendar, planner, and reminder for you to be productive, punctual, and concentrated. By keeping your tasks organized and seeing the overall picture, you will also learn to prioritize your objectives. It’s a great idea to divide your tasks into the most urgent and time-consuming and those which require less time or effort. Besides, you will be able to filter out some unnecessary favors, which may seem to be no big deal, but in fact, it rather distracts your attention from more important tasks and makes you lose your concentration.

3. Schedule Your Working Hours

You know better than anyone how much time you need for particular activities. As concerns your study schedule, you may divide your spare hours for all the subjects and tasks that you have to cover and try not to go beyond these time limits. 

This strategy will spur you to work faster and put aside various destruction as, otherwise, you will not have time to complete the task and will need to move forward. This approach is effective and requires determination and some time to adjust, but it pays for itself in the long run.

4. Create Study-Friendly Environment

Sometimes students can’t cope with numerous tasks not because they are unfamiliar with time management principles but because they are surrounded by destructions that tempt them to grab their phones and reply to all the messages that pop up on the phone screen or scroll through the Instagram feed. 

If it rings a bell, then you will aim to temporarily get rid of all destruction that makes your time slip through your fingers like sand. Locate yourself in some private space, leave aside social media, shows, games, chats, and get to work. All the other things you may do afterward if you still want to.

5. Consider Studying in Blocks

Let’s say if you want to spend 5 hours on your task preparation, don’t get carried away by your desire to complete assignments on time and take a break several times while studying. Non-stop cramming will overload your brain so that when work is done you will have no energy for other activities. Little breaks will help you to recover and save enough energy for after-study leisure.

Highlighted recommendations are helpful prompts for students who want their college life to go beyond consecutive studying. Consider trying these strategies and ask for help if needed from professionals like, who is always ready to take your pressure off.

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