Watch The Super Confident Folks In India Making The ‘FIRST MOVE’ On Random People

Watch The Super Confident People In India Making The First Move On Random Girl  11

What holds back an Indian from making the first move?

Usually people think a lot about it, they wonder it is all about money, looks, dress, status and what not!

And ultimately end up paying the price by not making that all important “FIRST MOVE”

India On First Move 1
On the spot date fixed!

Sahil Khattar is on the streets with young college peeps, to find answer for the same, and also subtly somewhere giving them a hint that – Making FIRST MOVE is all about Being Confident and nothing else!

India On First Move

In this video he actually ends up being successful in getting two pairs hooked up for a date! Sahil Khattar now you got another career option “Indian Match Maker”


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