Watch How This Amazing Wife Fulfills her Husband’s Dream of Harley Davidson

“You just have to decide that you have to achieve your dream, rest everything falls in place.” Akhilee Matta

Story follows: I am not a good storyteller though, but in simple few lines I will tell you how I was introduced to Harley Davidson – Iron 883.

“Back in 2012, a couple of my friends and I were attending a party at my boyfriend’s place(named: Gaurav). I happened to open his wardrobe and saw two posters inside. The first one read, ’25th August, 2012: CS Gaurav Sethi’ and the other one read, ’11th December, 2015: Harley-Davidson Iron 883.’

I was intrigued by the ambiguous way of writing the dates, so I asked him what it meant. He said, ‘I believe in the law of attraction. I see these posters every day and hope to achieve both these goals on the exact dates’. I was clueless about what he was up to, so I dropped the conversation that time.”

“A few months later, I got a call from Gaurav. I said, “hello” and he said, “CS Gaurav Sethi this side”. I was elated and suddenly remembered the poster. The final results of the CS exam had been declared and when I checked the date, it was indeed 25th August 2012. I congratulated him and asked him about his other dream, a Harley-Davidson Iron 883. He replied, ‘I have no idea but my next focus is to get married to you’. Which he did, by ignoring his dream.”

“But from that day onward, I made his dream, mine. From 25th August 2012, I started saving and decided to make my husband’s dream come alive.

I was very happy the day when I got to know about the launch of street 750 but later when I told him, why don’t you get street 750 and fulfill your dream and he reverted saying, “Dear It’s not a real Harley”

So the only option left with me was 883 that too Iron. Everything looked very complicated. But finally my dream came true and I have gifted him his dream bike. On 11th December 2015, I got my husband at the dealership. He was blindfolded, he had no idea what was happening. He opened his eyes and saw his Iron 883 parked in front of him. He couldn’t believe his eyes.”

Watch the video to see what happened next.

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