Watch Complete Inside Story Of Gangster Chota Rajan’s Arrest In Indonesia!

Gangster Chota Rajan has been arrested in Indonesia. He was a key-Dawood Ibrahim aide once upon a time and later broke away from him.

Wanted for 17 murders, more attempted murders, drug trafficking, smuggling extortion and even funding of films.

He is the former lieutenant of Dawood Ibrahim. But ever since he fled the country in 1988, Dawood and Chhota Rajan are arch-rivals. Following this split, their followers have often engaged in bloody shootouts. A story goes that once Chhota Rajan had lured one of Dawood men into his hotel room in Bangkok and then tortured him to death. In turn Dawood attempted to assassinate Rajan in 2000 but failed. Rajan counter-attacked and killed Sharad Shetty which proved to be a crippling blow to Dawood’s crime syndicate.

The 2002 film Company had a character Chandu loosely based on Chhota Rajan.

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