Vijayalakshmi’s post on parenting wins hearts

Chennai, Jan 27  An Instagram post by Tamil actress Vijayalakshmi, who is also the daughter of well known film director Agathiyan, on how she helps her young son learn is fast winning appreciation on the Internet.

On Thursday, Vijayalakshmi posted a video of her young son talking to her excitedly about planets.

She then wrote, “When we sit down to study, Nilan goes like…’Mummy I would tell you something.’ (Refer the video please) Nilan loves to educate mummy and mummy loves to watch him do that! Because of this, sometimes we end up not doing homework, And mummy has no complaints.”

But where does he learn all this from? He loves his TV time and chooses his videos. He craves to learn things and watches learning videos like Peekaboo Aumsum Blippi and Octonauts!

“Wait… That doesn’t mean he is all chamathu boy. He loves to watch his stupid car videos that absolutely make no sense! But that’s okay. Because, he is not here to just learn… but to live as well!”

The actress concluded the post saying: “Yes, we learn, we live and we balance #childhood.”

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