Vidya Malvade felt liberated while playing Zeenat Karim for ‘Mismatched 2’

Mumbai, Oct 18  Actress Vidya Malvade, who is receiving positive response for her work in the streaming show ‘Mismatched 2’, felt liberated while playing the character of Zeenat Karim in the show.

The actress mentioned that while reading the script, she developed an instant attachment with her character of. Zeenat’s sense of freedom in the series after her husband’s death deeply resonated with the actress’s pursuit for liberation which convinced her to be a part of ‘Mismatched’.

Vidya’s character of a Muslim widow woman from Lucknow who is trying to adapt to the modern world strongly resonates with most women. Despite the judgements, self-consciousness and nervousness, she makes every effort to befriend even the dourest of the teenagers.

Talking about her part in the show, the actress said, “She is the most mismatched character in the setting of the show and yet her presence fits the plot to the point. Zeenat, older than her peers, tries everything to be accepted, to be acknowledged and welcomed, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? I hope, in some way, the character of Zeenat too will encourage some women to go back to college, if they so wish and follow their long-lost dream.”

‘Mismatched 2’ is streaming on Netflix.

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