Mumbai, Nov 27  Comedian and social media personality Varun Thakur is all set to host the upcoming MTV reality show ‘Anything For Love’.

It will be a game show in which in each episode there is going to have three pairs whose connection will be put on trial and they will undergo several tasks that will test their relationship and ultimately the one who wins these task will emerge as OTP -One True Pair.

Varun Thakur says about the concept of the show and what he liked about it: “When I first heard about the concept of the show, it piqued my interest, for it decodes the relationships of today in the most unconventional yet fun ways. The reality game show puts the participating young couples in bizarre situations to test their compatibility which is something I’m going to enjoy making them do.”

He adds that today’s generation will be questioning and thinking about their relationships after watching the show. “Anything for Love will prove to be a guilty pleasure for Gen Z and millennial audiences who will then surely introspect their relationships and how far they would go for their partners.”

The reality show ‘Anything For Love’ will be coming soon on MTV.

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