Great news! Two Indian Americans kids Vanya and Gokul are the joint winners of Spelling Bee 2015. Its 8th time in a row that Indian Americans have won the spelling bee competition in USA.

Vanya Shivashankar And Gokul Venkatachalam Win Spelling Bee 2015

The Scripps National Spelling Bee (formerly the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee and commonly called the National Spelling Bee) is an annual spelling bee held in the United States.

For Vanya Shivashankar, it was the second big trophy this year. In February, she had won Lifetime’s Child Genius. Her elder sister Kavya, the 2009 champion, was present to celebrate the victory.The two champions will get $30,000 each in prize money.

Both had participated in Scripps National Spelling Bees before, with Vanya Shivashankar finishing third last year.

Here is the video of the last few moments of the competition.

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