Using Government platforms when applying for various mandatory documentary processes can be quite challenging

Running a business is not easy, and there are a lot of requirements that people who are planning on starting one have to go through. Furthermore, there are a lot of Government rules that new companies have to follow, and the challenge with most companies going through the process is that they are not sure about these and not sure how they are supposed to get through with them. When companies start their registration process, they usually have all the information and paperwork at their end but do not know about the rest of the information that they have to get through.

To assist with this challenging process, the Government created an online eGovernance platform where they add information about all the registration processes for businesses. People who are interested in starting businesses and companies can go through the details of their own company and accordingly understand the registrations that they have to get through. 

While applicants can use the website for their benefit, they can choose to fill out the application forms online. They can then get an understanding of the supporting documents they have to provide and upload those too. The right departments will verify the information depending on the process that they are working on, and they will receive information about the next steps. Most of the registration processes require an in-person inspection, and they coordinate those with the owners of the business.

One of the main requirements for businesses is their shop licence. A business receives a shop licence by completing the registration process through the Shops and Establishments Act. When an entity employs people, either casual workers, full-time employees, contract-based workers among others, to regulate the work conditions and ensure the protection of workers’ rights, the business must register under the Shops and Establishments Act. An Act informally referred to as the Shop Licence. 

Other than using the Government website to get the information and the forms, multiple other companies work on assisting others complete through the tedious registration processes. Some companies were coordinating the process with various clients, who are owners of their businesses and having years of experience around them, they would be able to get through the process for others as well. There would be applicants who do not want to get through the process online and would prefer getting it done through the office. They can either get the forms and fill them at the Labour department while providing supporting documents, or the smarter approach would be to download the application form through the website and fill them out and submit them in person. Since the website has information about the process, they can also use the same website to gather information about the supporting documents and take copies of those to the office as well.

Another important registration that companies and businesses dealing with food have to get through is the FSSAI registration. Food business operators have to mandatorily get through this registration process if they are planning on working with food in any capacity and if they want their work approved by the Government. The food licence got through an FSSAI registration is mandatory but other than being a test that companies have to get through, there are a lot of benefits that businesses that register through it receive.


They receive the branding of being safe, which automatically increases the number of people who would visit the facility or prefer purchasing their products. Companies can apply for various schemes that are a massive advantage since, without the FSSAI licence, they would not be eligible for them. Companies end up using these documents for a lot more registration processes, connected. Having one certificate and not having the other can be challenging and companies, even without knowing the documents needed will have to automatically apply for the rest. The only challenge is that there are fines and penalties that companies have to pay since the paperwork is mandatory, and they were conducting business without them.

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