New Delhi, Feb 24  Ukraine is calling on the European Union and its member states to urgently provide air-defence and anti-missile systems, as well as use “all means” to jam Russian satellite signals, The Guardian reported.

In a list of requests sent to the EU leaders ahead of an emergency summit on Thursday night in Brussels, Ukraine also calls for the “fiercest restriction measures against Belarus, which directly supported (the) Russian full-scale invasion”, the report said.

The paper, drafted by Ukrainian diplomats in Brussels and seen by the Guardian, also calls for ending software licenses for military and civilian equipment in Russia and Belarus, blocking or interfering with Russian satellite navigation systems in the air, over the Black Sea and Sea of Azov, using all means to block the Russian satellite navigation system Glonass, including jamming its signal over the Black Sea, Sea of Azov, Belarus and Ukrainian airspace.

As well as an appeal to end “business as usual” with Russia, Kyiv wants the EU to open its emergency aid system (the civil protection mechanism) to Ukrainians, The Guardian reported.

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