Mumbai, March 5  Actor Udit Shukla, who was seen in ‘Dhhai Kilo Prem’, ‘Rangrasiya’, ‘Suvreen Guggal’ among others wishes to act in crime thriller stories.

He says: “I am more of a crime and thriller lover. After shooting, I just come home and immediately pop on the TV. It was mindless after a day of meetings, intensive heads-down work, and never-ending audition updates, the only thing I thought I wanted to do was watching episodes of such series. Now being an actor I wish to portray something dark, criminal. I am looking to act something very different. Dark Neo Noir kind of cinema. I like that adrenaline rush which such scenes give as an actor and audience both.”

Udit currently seen as Abhishek Pandey in the show ‘Rang Jaun Tere Rang Mein’ feels everything comes on time and believes in his hardwork and patience that will help him in bringing his dream come true.

He adds: “Time is anything which tells you who you are, where you stand, where you want to go. Anything which makes you realize that you need to grow and move on in life is time. Everyone and everything in this world could be on time or behind because no one can win from it. No one on this earth could get more than luck and before the time of that homework stress or success. So, I believe time is the one who does all the work you are just source. I believe in working hard with patience. And it will help me to live my dreams.”

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