Top 5 New Inventions and Technologies You Have Ever Seen Before!

In This Video you can see Cool Gadgets

1. ” Bedjit ” – Ultra-Rapid Cooling Heating & Climate Control System just for your Bed . Its the Powerful cooling, heating & Climate Control for your bed.
2. 3D Scanner ” BEVEL ” – Portal 3D photography now into your hands it can also take videos. Make your Photo really 3D forget 2D move to 3D your 3D portal device.
3. ” BlueSmart ” – The first Carrier ( Suitcase ) that connects to your smart phone. Its features – Digital lock, proximity sensors , location tracking, trick tracking information, built in battery to charge phone 6 times.
4. ” Opal Nugget Ice ” – Ice Maker , make ice fast with texture ,test and chilled any time.
5. ” Skully “- Helmet for your digital age , Transparent heads up display, Ultra wide rear-view camera, electro chromic visor

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