Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy AngularJS development company? Here is a list of top 10 best AngularJS development companies to help you find the best fit for your business.

AngularJS is an open-source front-end web application framework that is written in JavaScript. It is maintained mostly by Google and a group of individuals and corporations to address the problems faced while developing Single-Page Applications (SPA). AngularJS, being a structural framework for dynamic web apps, is famously used for the development of SPA and cross-platform solutions. It gives a smooth user experience.

Unlike any other web application framework, AngularJS is the most predominantly used framework in global web development. It is largely used for the development of web applications and mobile apps among various industries such as banking, travel, entertainment, health and fitness, transportation, sports, weather, etc. Besides, it is way more popular than any other JavaScript frameworks like Node.js, Ember.js and React.js. There is a heavy demand for mobile application development owing to increasing usage of smart devices. For this reason, enterprises are transitioning towards building unique mobile applications to maintain their customer ratio.

There are a plenty of mobile app development companies across the world that provide agile and robust Angular JS development solutions. But it can be really confusing to pick the best. Nonetheless, we discuss 10 of the best Angular JS development companies that will help you build a rich, quality app for your business.

1. Ironpaper, Inc.

Ironpaper is one of the finest AngularJS development companies throughout the globe. Founded in 2002, it’s a U.S.-based firm with remarkable expertise in web design and development. Ironpaper is a digital agency and they build highly interactive and data-driven web applications using AngularJS. They take pride in helping various business organizations get into marketplace quicker with the help of AngularJS, Backbone & Laravel to name a few. Being a pioneer in the IT industry, they build web applications and online software using AngularJS.

As a leading software development company, Ironpaper provides authentic web and software services including website development, web applications, mobile apps, real-time applications, UX for software, software UI, API integrations, data rich applications, etc.

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2. Susco Solutions

Based in New Orleans, Susco Solutions specializes in building custom business software, mobile applications and Salesforce applications. They develop robust mobile applications, enabling businesses to flourish and create great products. They have gained a competitive edge over the last couple of years and is a great performing AngularJS application development company. They offer smart solutions that enhance the profitability ratio of client.

Susco Solutions provide various services like website development, custom software development, mobile apps, salesforce applications, CMS development, etc.

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3. Infomaze Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Headquartered in MysoreKA, India, Infomaze Technologies is an award winning custom mobile app development company that provides top-notch services at best rates. Infomaze hosts expert AngularJS developers who create outstanding web applications and scale your business to new heights. They have a vast experience in developing high quality web applications with 100% up-time and usability and have worked on various projects ranging from startup to enterprise. Infomaze will easily fit your diverse business needs and can very easily take you ahead of your competition. The company has a highly competitive and experienced team who deliver best-in-class IT solutions across diverse industry verticals. They have worked on various projects such as e-commerce websites, healthcare apps, banking apps, hospitality and travel apps, e-learning apps and much more. Infomaze is a skilled Angular.JS specialist for hire that caters to a global client base with remarkable services.

The company is an offshore software development centre in India and specializes in various solutions like AngularJS web and mobile application development, business intelligence, IoT, e-commerce development, API & web services, open source customization, big data services, CMS customization & more.

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4. Contus

Contus is a software company that is primarily into web development and mobile app development. They provide outsourced software development in India. They are located in Chennai TN, India and is a part of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). They provide dynamic web and cloud-based applications using AngularJS framework. Having ample experience in the IT field, the company has worldwide presence and is renowned for its exceptional services. Their highly dedicated team has earned them the reputation of delivering services on time and meeting client requirements.

The company is a software consultancy in India that deals in providing IoT solutions, mobile application development, full stack development, cloud-based solutions, etc.
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5. Iflexion

Iflexion specializes in building web and mobile applications in a robust platform with utmost features. It utilizes AngularJS framework to simplify development and testing of rich HTML5-based applications. Iflexion is a reliable web development company that delivers web services of any complexity to clients throughout the globe. Iflexion’s customer list includes various companies of many sizes, ranging from startup to large enterprises. You can hire developer for a customized service.

The AngularJS development company provides services ranging from web designing, mobile app development, application security, custom software development, etc.

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6. Sparx IT Solutions

Sparx IT solutions is the perfect place if you want to develop an extensive web application using AngularJS framework. It is an outsourced software development company in India and is one of the most renowned AngularJS development company. Their team is extremely dedicated and promptly respond to client requirements right from the start. Sparx IT solutions is popular as a one-stop shop for all your IT development needs.

The software consultancy from India offers various services including user-interactive app development, e-commerce web development, business analytics, design and markup, mobile app development, etc.

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7. WebClues Infotech

Webclues Infotech is an eminent web development company that utilizes angularJS framework to design and develop web applications. They provide highly scalable customized software solutions to businesses ranging from start-ups to enterprises. Their team is professional and are experts in working with emerging technologies. Also, they have remarkable experience in the IT field. WebClues Infotech is a skilled Angular.JS specialist for hire and is one of the best AngularJS development company.

The company is well known for its services in mobile app development, web development, CMS & e-commerce, UI/UX, etc.

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8. Code Brew Labs

Code Brew Labs is a technology firm located in Chandigarh, India. Its core services comprise of mobile app development, website development, business automation and much more. Hire developer now for best-in-class service. Code Brew is a notable AngularJS development company that provides superior quality services to their clientele across the globe. The offshore software development centre in India has a huge experience in building first-class apps for various industries like education, finance, e-commerce, entertainment, etc.

Code Brew provides skilled services in web designing, mobile app development, iterations, website development, analytics, blockchain development, etc.

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9. Vsourz Limited

Vsourz Limited is a web design company based in U.K., having branches in Barcelona, Dubai and Toronto. It is an acclaimed full service firm that develops, designs and delivers superlative web services without any flaws. Hire AngularJS developers from Vsourz for the best mobile applications and other software solutions. They offer end-to-end solutions and build effective mobile and web applications to fit your business needs.

Vsourz has a wide range of services to offer. Web design, mobile app development, software development, e-commerce development, CMS, etc. are some services that are offered.

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10. Micro Pyramid Informatics Pvt Ltd

MicroPyramid is a one-stop tech shop for the development of custom web and mobile applications. The software company from India has developed AngularJS mobile applications for their clients with on-time delivery that are top-quality, scalable, cost effective and powerful. Their highly qualified team will offer you a unique, state of the art user experience by providing simple and effective software solutions for your growing business. Also, they have extensive technical expertise and willingness to work on complex business projects.

The company offers various solutions like web designing, mobile application development, salesforce, cloud-based solutions, etc.

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