The peace plan of Russia-Ukraine makes progress

Moscow, March 16 The delegations have made significant progress on a 15-point draft deal, including a ceasefire and Russian troop withdrawal, if Kiev renounces NATO membership ambitions and accepts limits on its armed forces, the Financial Times reported, citing three unnamed officials involved in the Russia-Ukraine talks, Kyiv Independent reported.

The proposed deal also requires that Ukraine vows not to host foreign military bases, but gets security guarantees from allies such as the US, the UK and Turkey, according to the publication.

As per media reports, at the same time, the FT writes that Kiev is skeptical about the commitment of Russian President Vladimir Putin establishing peace and resolving the crisis. According to the newspaper, the Ukrainian authorities fear that Moscow is trying to buy time to regroup the army and continue the offensive.

Russia and Ukraine, during the negotiations, developed a 15-point plan, including a ceasefire and the withdrawal of troops, subject to the neutrality of Kiev and the reduction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

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