Mumbai, Jan 12  ‘Gupt Gyaan’ director Saqib Pandor talks about his upcoming short film about the life of a shoe repairman, titled ‘The Cobbler’.

It features actor Umesh Jagtap as a lead, who was seen in films such as ‘Killa’, ‘Ringan’ and ‘Payback Payback’. The actor has played every kind of role across various platforms such as theater, TV, and cinema.

Umesh Jagtap, Shubham Tukaram, and Murrari Kumar-starrer ‘The Cobbler’ trailer has already been launched.

The short film is an emotional journey of a shoe repairman. It is all about his day-to-day life like how he works hard to make ends meet and his relationship with his growing son.

Director Saqib Pandor worked with filmmaker Anurag Kashyap as an assistant director for ‘Ugly’ and ‘Sacred Games’.

Talking about the film, he says: “Purely observation. I used to walk around my office, and in the neighborhood, there would always be a cobbler. I used to always wonder how a cobbler would take a particular decision, and what factors would influence his decision.”

“So, yes, a cobbler’s narrative was engraved in my subconscious. When I started working on the script, that idea kept evolving and finally translated into a short film. We went around and researched various markets, railway stations, and neighbourhoods. We met with cobblers and observed their craft, posture, and physicality. ‘The Cobbler’ is an evolution of my observation,” he adds.

‘The Cobbler’ will be released on January 14 on the FNP YouTube channel.

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