‘The Birth Of Vennela’ trailer from ‘Virata Parvam’ is out

Hyderabad, June 16 Tollywood actor Rana Daggubati will soon be featured in ‘Virata Parvam’, which will also have actress Sai Pallavi in a lead role.

The filmmakers have released a trailer for the film. The video, titled ‘The Birth of Vennela,’ shows how the main character Vennela, played by Sai Pallavi, is born.

The video opens with Karl Max’s famous quote ‘Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable form’. The next thing on the scene is gunfire between police and Naxalites begins the film, obstructing the way of a pregnant woman’s journey.

Nivetha Puthiraj, a Naxal doctor, assists the woman in giving birth to the kid, on the newborn’s father’s appeal, she names the baby ‘Vennela’. The brave lady Naxal doctor, on the other hand, is shot in the head by the police.

The role of Vennela is introduced to viewers in this heartwarming video, which has Sai Pallavi’s voiceover towards the end.

‘Virata Parvam’ is gearing up to hit the screens on June 17. Directed by Venu Udugula, the period action drama has garnered a lot of attention from moviegoers with its unique promotional campaigns.

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