Mumbai, July 16 Director Pierre Morel delves into details to discuss his film ‘The Ambush’, why he chose the subject and meeting people who were actually part of the Yemen war.

Talking about what attracted him to the story, director Pierre said: “I have always wanted to work on a war story. I have previously done thriller stories but none that were about war and based on a true story. Even though the movie is specifically based on UAE and Yemen, it is a universal story; it is all about brotherhood and sacrifice.”

“This is what attracted me to the story right away – how it is beyond just action and war; the story has the ability to evoke strong emotions.”

Based on the Yemen War, ‘The Ambush’ is about how three of Emirati soldiers are attacked in enemy territory, and their captain organises a daring rescue mission.

He added: “When you adapt a story based on true events, you have a duty to respect what happened. I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to meet the people who were actually a part of the war; it was intriguing to get their perspective firsthand and it helped me understand the characters’ thought process and situations that led to the war”, the director further added about his experience on understanding the characters and storyline.”

‘The Ambush’ produced by Derek Dauchy and Jennifer Roth, directed by Pierre Morel, is available on Lionsgate Play.

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