Team ‘Major’ goes for lowest ticket prices in recent times

Hyderabad, May 28 The producers of Adivi Sesh-starrer ‘Major’ have asked the distributors and exhibitors to keep ticket prices as low as possible for both single screens and multiplexes across the Telugu states.

Adivi Sesh, who reprises Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan in ‘Major’, took to his Twitter to make an announcement regarding the same as well.

“It is our movie. So, we decided to give you the LOWEST PRICES for ANY film post pandemic. Sharing my love, sharing my heart,” Adivi Sesh wrote on his Twitter timeline.

In Telangana, movie ticket prices for the Shashi Kiran Tikka’s directorial have been set at around Rs 150 per single screen and Rs 195 per multiplex.

In Andhra Pradesh, however, ‘Major’ will earn Rs 147 for single screens and Rs 177 for multiplexes.

The decision was made to appeal to the family audience in order for the story of a martyr to reach every person in the country.

‘Major’ is co-produced by Mahesh Babu’s GMB Entertainments.

‘Major’ will be released in Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam theatres on June 3

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