Tamil Actress Raiza Wilson seeks ₹1 crore compensation from her dermatologist over wrong surgery

 A week after Tamil actress Raiza Wilson posted the shocking picture of her cosmetic procedure gone wrong on Instagram, she shared a follow-up on the pressing issue with her fans.

Skin procedure performed by a Chennai based skin care clinic went wrong. She also alleged that even though she denied to take up the procedure several times, the doctor persuaded her to take it up, due to which her skin was damaged. 

Now, the dermatologist has come up with a press statement saying that Raiza had agreed to the procedure with written consent and she earlier took the procedure several times. Bhairavi says that if the said person doesn’t follow the instructions, such side effects are bound to happen and in a few days, the patient’s condition will be normal.

The dermatologist sought an apology from Raiza for her mischievous act and said that she would be taking legal action against her for damaging the hospital’s reputation and for causing mental agony.

Further, she told her fans that she has initiated a complaint against the Dermatologist and submitted it to the National Medical Commission and Tamil Nadu Medical Council.

She informed her fans, “I am a victim of a negligent act caused by Dr Bhairavi Senthil and staff. In future, no one should undergo the pain I experienced. Being an actor, I consider myself responsible for my actions to society. 

“Hence to ensure that further no innocent people are affected by Dr Bhairavi Senthil service, I have initiated a complaint before the National Medical Commission and Tamil Nadu Medical Council against Dr Bhairavi Senthil and others for conducting an investigation in due course of law, and I hope the decision of the authority would be revealed after investigation,”she said.

Elaborating on the legal proceedings, she wrote, “Finally, I initiated a legal proceeding claiming ‘One Crore’ as damages from Dr Bhairavi Senthil for deficiency in her service. In due course of the said legal proceeding, any damages awarded in favour of me would be donated to ‘Victims of Medical Negligence. With faith in God and Hope in the Judiciary, I pray that people should always be provided with the best medical services.”

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