‘Sutliyan’ actors: Idea of family, togetherness changed due to virtual world

Mumbai, Feb 26  Actor Shiv Panditt and Ayesha Raza who are playing pivotal parts in the upcoming web series ‘Sutliyan’ that intend to start a conversation around the new-age family and relationship between grown-up adults and their parents – said that individualistic lifestyle and “too much” engagement of the virtual world changed the small joy of togetherness in the family.

The story of the series revolves around a widow and her three children who due to their higher study and high profile jobs left their house and then they only come together when their father died and their property needs to be shared among siblings.

The story takes a new turn from there.

Sharing their thoughts on new-age urban families and a sense of detachment that has been normalised, Shiv told IANS: “I think it is true that we are that generation with big dreams and ambitions. So we tend to live for ourselves, independently where friends become family and the real family goes aware from our immediate circle. Not that I am saying it is a great practice but it is the reality.”

“The show somewhere trying to address that when we are in crisis, only our parents become the strongest emotional support,” he added.

In the show, he plays the character of the elder son who reunites with his family post his father’s death, at a time when he is also financially broken.

Ayesha on the other hand who is playing the matriarch of the family told IANS: “I do not think the sense of detachment we feel these days among our own family members has anything to do with youngsters. We have normalised some of the western practices.”

“Earlier it was never a thing for us to WhatsApp your parents or children to say, ‘Let me know when is the good time to connect’. But that is a reality. We feel more comfortable binge-watching shows, post endlessly on social media.”

“On the other hand, visiting relatives home for family time looks too much effort as opposed to going to an unknown place and Instagram about it! Balancing that out between virtual world and real-world is very important,” she further added.

The show ‘Sutliyan’ is also featuring – Vivaan Shah, Plabita Borthakur – releasing on March 4.

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