Superb experience to be a part of team ‘Andhagan’, says Simran

Chennai, May 4 Actress Simran, who will be seen next in the Tamil thriller ‘Andhagan’, featuring actor Prashanth in the lead, has heaped praise on the unit, saying it was a ‘superb experience’ to be a part of the project.

Taking to Instagram, Simran, who was at one point one of the top heroines of the Tamil and Telugu film industries, said, “Movie making is hard, what makes it a pleasure is the people, the team. ‘Andhagan’ was one such team, it was a superb experience being part of it. Thank you so much Team ‘Andhagan’. Special thanks Anjana, I enjoyed the talk!”

The film has been in the making for quite a while. Well known actor and producer Thiagarajan acquired the remake rights of the hit Hindi film ‘Andhadhun’ and chose to remake it in Tamil as ‘Andhagan’ in 2019.

Thiagarajan said the plot of ‘Andhagan’ would be slightly different from that of ‘Andhadhun’ as it had been changed to suit the sensibilities and tastes of the Tamil audience.

Initially, the remake was to be directed by Jayam Raja. However, that was not to be the case and it was announced that director J.J. Fredrick would direct the film. He too pulled out of the project and eventually, Thiagarajan himself chose to direct the film.

Thiagarajan had pointed out that Prashanth was ideal to play the lead in ‘Andhadhun’ as it revolved around a piano master. Thiagarajan had pointed out that his son, Prashanth was a trained piano player and that he had studied western music and piano at the Trinity College of Music, London. The film has now been completed and is ready to hit screens soon.

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