Sunidhi Chauhan : I am a constant learner like a child

Mumbai, Jan 27┬áCelebrated singer Sunidhi Chauhan, who is exploring the independent music space with singles – her recent being ‘Firaaq’, says even after having a long career of more than two decades she feels like a student of music who is hungry for learning more.

Sunidhi told IANS : “I would say that my driving force has not changed since the time I was a child, I love music, I love singing.”

“When I started my journey, it was nothing but the joy of singing and it is still the same. I am a constant learner, even after all these years. So as cliche as it sounds, the truth is, I feel like I just started my journey! That is why I am taking all the opportunities to explore different avenues of music.”

Starting her singing career at the age of 12, in 1999, she gained the spotlight with the song ‘Ruki Ruki Si Zindagi’. Since then, she continues to deliver superhit tracks including ‘Mehboob Mere’, ‘Dhoom Machale’, ‘Beedi Jalaile’, ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ to ‘Ae Watan’, ‘Kamli’, ‘Tu Kuja’ to many more.

Sunidhi shared: “My relationship with music has only grown deeper. I feel that ever since I started singing for films, it has evolved not only how I look at music but also the way music has changed in cinema, in the independent space, in the music industry as a whole.

“I am glad that somewhere I am also part of that change. One of the reasons why I am excited about new talents is, I become a part of a new musical vision. As an artist that gives me a chance to grow.”

In 2020, the singer started exploring the independent music space all the more.

She collaborated with various artists and released songs like ‘Kuchh Khaab’, ‘Here is Beautiful’, ‘Ye Ranjishein’, ‘Dil Todne Se Pehle’, among others.

“One of the reasons why I started exploring the independent music space is a lockdown. Since we all are working from home, for me it gave me a chance to dive into a territory that I haven’t explored. You see, in film music, I am singing for a specific situation where we are going by the narration.”

“So I am following a direction…eventually something magical comes out of it. In the independent space, I have no direction and that is somewhere risky. You see, in independent space, as a singer I am just being myself and what if I am sounding boring that I am not releasing because I am working with a small group of say, four or five people!”

“I am calling the shots and unless the song is out and released, we do not even know the bigger impact of it. For me, exploring that unknown is exciting,” shared the singer.

The latest released track ‘Firaaq’ is composed by Daboo Malik who earlier also collaborated with Sunidhi and they created the song – ‘Kuchh Khaab’.

The song is written by Panchhi Jalonvi. According to the vocalist, she loved the composition of the song. “Working with Daboo ji is really special because we have known each other for more than 20 years. He saw me grow from a little girl to the singer I am today.”

“When he came to me with the song, firstly I loved the composition because it has a ‘thaharaav’, something that we get in a ghazal…it is a rare tune. I personally like ghazal but do not sing much. This song was a chance for me to explore that style of singing.”

Sunidhi added: “And Panchi has written these words so beautifully, these days otherwise we missed out on lyrical depth in songs that ‘Firaaq’ has to offer.”

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