Sundar C plays cop called Kumaran in crime thriller ‘Pattam Poochi’

Chennai, April 17 Director Sundar C. plays a cop in director Badri’s upcoming crime thriller ‘Pattam Poochi’, which will feature actor Jai in the lead.

Sources close to the unit said that Sundar C plays a broken cop called Kumaran in the film, which is being produced by Sundar C’s wife, actress and politician Kushbu Sundar.

Jai, sources say, plays a ruthless psychopath killer called Sudhakar in the film and that the story will be about serial killings. The film, which has cinematography by one of Sundar C’s most trusted cinematographers, E Krishnasamy, will have music by Navaneeth Sundar.

Editing for the film will be by Fenny Oliver and screenplay will be by Naru Narayanan and A Mahaakeerthi. The film is scheduled to hit screens on May 13 this year.

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